Snowboarding Insurance: Get the Facts

Snowboarders need special snowboarding insurance protection. Only full coverage grants the peace of mind snowboarders need to both enjoy this exciting adventure sport and protect from all the dangers it can sometime include. When purchasing insurance, every snowboarder should keep in mind several key tips for a good policy. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to get the facts about snowboarding insurance before purchasing and to stay well aware of the best places to look.


Though most snowboarding insurance policies reach far and wide, offering comprehensive coverage that takes nearly every aspect of the activity into account, there are a few aspects will be automatically excluded from coverage. One is deliberately putting a life in danger. This sounds like an obvious issue, but it helps to state it outright. Snowboarders must think carefully before attempting risky tricks if they want to remain covered. Another is partaking in alcohol or drugs during snowboarding trips. Obviously, these increase risks and are not tolerated in most policies.

The Cost of Snowboarding Insurance

Typically, cost is based on trip duration, geographic region and single or family rates. Rates can range quite a bit depending on length of stay, but can start as low as 15. The benefits section of a good policy is the best place to find notes about insurance coverage that snowboarders need to know. Here, there are descriptions of all the necessary coverage details such as medical and out of pocket expenses. Snowboarder should also consider the added costs of coverage for snow-related issues, as well. This includes bad weather and avalanche cover which, all too often, proves extremely worthwhile.

Getting a Quote

Quotes are easiest to receive online. Snowboarders can enter in a short bit of information into an online enquiry form, including policy type, trip duration, age and number of people travelling. Either single trip or annual multi-trip rates can be determined. Quotes come back in an instant and applications for snowboarding insurance at the quoted price can be completed on most sites as well. Several sites offer competitive quotes online as well as applications for several types of insurance coverage allowing snowboarders to comparison shop for the best rates.

Unique Coverage

A quick search online can find a few carriers offering unique types of snowboard freestyle insurance. Though exceptionally rare, snowboarding freestyle insurance usually covers bodily injury as well legal fees. Other carriers offer insurance for teams, groups, clubs and snowboarding professionals such as class instructors and snowboarding trainers. This often works out cheaper and is worth looking into.

Though growing in popularity, snowboarding is still quite a dangerous sport. Those interested in spending the next holiday testing out new skills should consider purchasing a good insurance policy first. This will ensure that your holiday remains unspoiled by any unforeseen circumstances.

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